Master Mindful Nourishment


Learn to fuel your body with a healthy relationship with food using the tools of mindfulness, neuroscience and community.



Namaste & Welcome to our 4-week Program 

Mindfulness is an ability we all have; being able to observe with curiosity and kindness our experience in the present moment. And being mindful while eating takes practice.

Mindfulness can support you in recognizing and coping with physical sensations, emotions, and automatic behaviors. Mindful nourishment is about using compassionate awareness to develop a balanced relationship with food.

With mindful awareness you will better understand your:

  • Physical cues of hunger & fullness
  • Cravings for certain foods and why this is happening
  • The connection between mind and body  
  • Experiences when considering when & what to eat
  • How to identify and shift your eating habits and routines

Mindful Nourishment takes practice, and may feel awkward or difficult at first. Returning to mindfulness is key. Addressing why, when, what and how we eat is a journey, together we’ll learn to be self-compassionate as we explore mindful eating.


Program Offerings


The Mindful Nourishment Program includes:

  • Weekly 1hr Virtual Teachings - Wednesdays at 9am PST starting September 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th.
  • Mindfulness  Practice, Reflection Worksheets, Visual Aids and Open Compassionate Discussion.
  • 6 months unlimited access to your program

Options for Teachers/Coaches:  

  • 6- Hour Continuing Education Certificate at completion. 
  • Brandable Curriculum Content 
  • Learn more here (Can be added onto this purchase at checkout)
$299 USD One-Time Payment  
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Mindful Eating Benefits serve you beyond just food... 

  • Together we'll create healthy habitual routines to support intuitive eating. 
  • You'll meet, practice and receive support from other like minded people around the world. These people become more than friends. We are Sangha; a heartfelt community.
  • Our community encourages and inspires the healthy momentum you have been searching for, perhaps for years.

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The benefits from being online:

  • Once you purchase your program (either live or recorded) you have 6 months to repeat, explore & absorb all the lessons.  
  • As part of the Enlivenhere community you can communicate and leave feedback in real time within the lesson modules.
  • Download the Enlivenhere App and bring your Mindfulness Eating Program where ever you go.

This program is different from others that you may have tried...


I designed this curriculum based on the teachings and training I’ve received over many years from yoga teachers, yoga therapists, meditation advisers, and mentors whom I was fortunate to have taught me.

Applying these practices shifted my entire lifestyle. Granting my body and mind to lead the decision to best support my nutrition has given me the freedom to step away from society's expectations and has led me back to the value of the earth’s offerings. In doing so, I have lost weight without yo-yo dieting, enriched my understanding of how food is fuel, and have more energy.

This mindfulness program is the weave of many disciplines, including yoga philosophy & technique plus how Ayurveda can serve to provide another resource for health and wellness. 

"Amy's knowledge of the mind and body connection when it comes to mindful eating has helped me discover a new form of self-love. Her personal approach to teaching these practices truly meet you where you are, instead of giving you the one-size fits all nutrition plan that we're are all used to seeing."

-Michelle / Seattle

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