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I see you, friend, and I've been there...


You spend most, if not all of your "free" time taking care of family and friends and often don't set aside any quiet, solo time in your busy schedule. You often feel like life around you is zipping by too fast and you just need to find a way to slow down and reconnect with yourself.


I founded ENLIVENhere as a way to intentionally create the time and space to connect to oneself, both on and off the yoga mat. We all need stillness sometimes and the best place to go and train the stillness is within. I invite you to discover that quiet space to be within yourself and connect back to a place of sanctuary, stillness and nature. 


Welcome home...

Set Your Foundation

Establish your positive habitual yoga & meditation practice live every week with unlimited access to your favorite classes anytime anywhere.

Lifestyle Practice

You are unique to the experiences of the past, present &  passions for the future. Receive personalize coaching to shift the trajectory and obtain the happiness fully on and off the mat. 

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Kind Words from Our Members

"Combining deep passion and dedication to her clients, Amy supports and brings the best possible outcome for those who work with her. She continues to broaden her knowledge base combining ancient tradition with current research and information. I highly recommend Amy and all she has to offer!"

-Sharon, North Bend, WA

"Amy is amazing. She takes the time to ask what your issues are and adjusts her classes to meet those needs. She has helped me heal from sciatic issues and SI joint pain. She has also helped me with meditation and incorporating relaxation into my everyday life. I am quickly falling in love with yoga because of her. I highly recommend you take advantage of her years of experience!"

-Renee, Alberta, GA

"As someone who lives with anxiety, Amy’s yoga/meditation classes, workshops and retreats have been a game changer for my self-improvement journey. I love her knowledge of yoga and her passion for creating an accepting community. I find Amy’s attention to individual support really helps me push my body, my mind, and my breath work. Thank you for helping me learn to be more grounded and mindful."

-Julia , New Castle, Australia

Membership Benefits Beyond the Mat... 

  • Together we create the healthy habitual routines to best support your fitness level & goals. 

  • You meet, practice together and support with other like minded people from around the world. These people become more then friends, we are Sangha, a heartfelt community.

  • Your new community encourages and inspires the healthy momentum you have been searching for! 

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All Enlivenhere Memberships offer the ease of one website page. You have one click access into the weekly therapeutic and meditation classes plus:

  • Insightful & educational tutorials 
  • Access to all guest teacher classes & discussions
  • Enlivenhere App where you can create your own favorite list and unlimited access to the entire recording studio at your fingertips anywhere in the world.
  • Continuing Education Hours provided upon completion of workshops.
  • Private membership sharing in each class post!  

Membership Options

The Set Your Foundation Membership: 
  • Weekly Online Live Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga Nidra Classes
  • Unlimited access to all Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra & Mindfulness Audio & Video Enlivenhere App Recording Studio 
  •  28 - Day Mindfulness Program ($99)
  • Here you participate in an online community of fellow yogis where vulnerable & authenticity deepens the community without fear of judgment.
Set Your Foundation Today

Lifestyle Practice Membership:

  • Weekly Online Live Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga Nidra Classes
  • Unlimited access to all Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra & Mindfulness Audio & Video Enlivenhere App Recording Studio 
  • The 28-Day Mindfulness Program ($99)
  • Online privates with In-Person options.
  • The flexibility to transfer privates into other months and shift practices based on life ebb & flows.
  • Online Google file sharing of all private follow-ups including practices and corresponding literature.
  • Weekly base (zoom, phone or text options) to support and encourage progress.
  • Base membership begins at $210/ month.
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Meet Amy


My yoga journey begin in West Virginia walking through the halls of a small college and witnessing people sitting in a circle doing alternate nostril breathing; at the time I had no idea what they were doing but I observed and felt a stillness which lead my curiously and I became a student of self exploratory.

I held stress well, like many others, and the breathing techniques created an ease I had never physically felt before. In a short time I felt my mind shifting, too. I thought I was present but my days ended without discovery, gratitude or insight I just didn't know it. Yoga changed all of that.

Now, as a yoga therapist and meditation coach for over ten years, I've never been more energized then now, right here.  The last year and half I feel we are re-discovering ourselves through a new lens so I created Enlivenhere  to inspire and educate using the tools of yoga, science and wisdom of mentors & teachers, alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"I have taken many yoga classes over decades and appreciated the exercises. 7 years ago, a back injury disabled my movement and my life. I am grateful that my doctor suggested yoga therapy. I am forever grateful that Amy is that therapist. She guided me to strength and mobility, with ongoing improvement and depth of practice. Her yoga classes are wonderful for anybody of any ability. She effortlessly adapts and personalizes towards what each student needs. The knowledge gained from them improves not only my physical practice, but my daily life. Her mediation guidance is a joyful respite in this hectic world. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Amy is that teacher."


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