Continuing Education & Course Creation

Grow your business with Brandable Content & Template

I designed all my curriculums based on the teachings and trainings I’ve received over many years from yoga teachers, yoga therapists, meditation advisers, and mentors who I was fortunate to have teach me.

The process to outline, develop & teach programs takes incredible amount of work within the study of the subject and the technology required to deliver.

Together with the brandable content & templates you can offer these programs to your students/clients with the ease of development so you are doing what you love most... sharing your passion. 

Our brandable content and templates are shared within the with the option of direct download.

Why is continuing education important...

Once you complete your first training you are top of the world and ready to share and we want you to as soon as possible.  Your students/clients are coming to you for support in there health & wellness so stay inspired with the opportunity to expand education, further interests and niche through continuing education. All Enlivenhere LLC masterclasses and programs are supported by Yoga Alliance. 

For more information regarding Yoga Alliance and Professional Membership Continuing Education requirements please click here.