Yamas - Chaos to Harmony

health & wellness yoga philosophy Jul 03, 2022
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Yamas - Chaos to Harmony

How the practice of the Yama’s, the first limb of Raga Yoga, can serve to bring harmony when so much chaos is occurring in today’s social and political climate.  

How we relate to others demonstrates our personal growth through our actions and non-actions. This practice is called, the Yamas; the first limb of Raja Yoga.  The Sanskrit word, Yama means “self-control/discipline” & “righteous living.”

In today’s social & political climate, this practice is vital to our personal & universal state of peace; it directly affects our physical body, emotions, and mental state.  The practices of the Yamas are not new revelations but the foundation of morality taught for centuries across a diverse world.   

The purpose of this article serves as a reminder to apply the teachings of the Yamas “off the mat.” Every day we continue to strive and apply, in our best efforts, the new lessons life offers especially through darker times. Fully embracing the concept of a continuous re-set, we have the benefit of our comprehensive life lessons & experiences. 

To accomplish such thoughtful pathways in a very literal way, we must consider all creatures great and small, near and far with an open heart and mind. It’s foremost our own relationship and responsibility to the community. 

I offer my interpretations of the Yamas in mantra style. Share these mantras and apply them to your Asana (movement/pose) classes:

Ahimsa – the Sanskrit interpretation is non-violence and non-judgment.

“I offer compassion with an open heart & mind to all humans.”


Satya – the Sanskrit interpretation is truthfulness and honesty.

“May my words and actions be true and honest”


Asteya- the Sanskrit interpretation is the non-stealing of property or time.

“May I cherish the life composition of moments of time and success”


Brahmacharya – the Sanskrit word is moderation and restraint.

“May kindness be set upon me and others through tempered indulgence”


Aparigraha- the Sanskrit interpretation as non-greed and non-attachment.

“May I release what is no longer serving me”

Let’s begin with small gestures of mutual respect and by doing so we practice the essence that every person is divine. Bring your Yama Mantras

  • into thought
  • into action and
  • continue to enliven the life you desire and for the betterment of all humans.  

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