Thoughtful, Honest & Knowledgeable Re-Set Plan

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Thoughtful, Honest & Knowledgeable Re-Set Plan

Thoughtful, Honest & Knowledgeable Re-Set Plan

by Amy M. Jarvis, IAYT, E-RYT500, YACEP & Meditation Teacher

…it’s unknown how many days will proceed as I’m anticipating many bumps & undulations. 

The human condition to change or shift a habit occurs on multiple layers however I will insert two critical practices that must take place for such a change or even subtle shift to happen…heartfelt reflection and an action plan.

Reflection & Plan

Our brain is comfortable with habits, however not all habitual pathways serve us well.  It takes consistency, desire, and drive to change or shift an existing habit.  Yoga happens on and off the mat and in this “off the mat” practice, I offer you these specific reflection questions based upon your history (your personal experience) as it pertains to existing and desired routines. So here are five "off the mat" actions to begin a thoughtful re-set: 

Day 1 - Reflect on your daily routines and possibly as part of your practice list your current routine from the moment you wake to the time you rest your head. Be honest, kind, and non-judgmental. 

Day 2 - After some thoughtful reflection, journal what part or parts of your routine may not serve you.

Day 3 – Let’s get specific and dig further…

  • What is my favorite part of the day?
  • What is my least favorite part of my day?
  • What is one action I can do to enliven my best part and one action to ease your least favorite part. Be open to anything even if that action may not be possible immediately.

Day 4 - Write out what your desired day looks like for an overall cumulative effect.  Be realistic and respectful of your energy.    

Day 5 - Make a date to share your reflections with a friend and explain to them your “why.” Voicing your re-set plan brings accountability and simultaneously enriches your relationship by sharing your thoughts, dreams, and goals…maybe they will join you! If you cannot make that date as soon as you like, share it with me online or in class!

The Action Plan - Through the teachings of the Eight Limbs of Yoga

Our personal experiences drive our habitual pathways and using our senses, either knowingly or unconsciously we make decisions that affect our lifestyle, relationships, and wellness.

In the ancient texts, Patanjali, an Indian scholar, and philosopher in the 5th Century CE organized the Eight Limbs of Yoga for what we study today. Each part of the Eight Limbs can be practiced and studied in great depth however as a whole Patanjali understood human nature and the tools required to lead the mind to enlightenment.  Let’s not make the enlightenment unachievable; I define enlightenment as living in the here; consciously making an effort to enliven a moment; to bringing all senses into action.

This is a vital tool to cultivate; bringing all our senses into action and our first limb of yoga, Asana introduces us to this tool.

Asana is described as the physical part of our divine self. It’s our skin, bones, organs, basically everything that creates the vessel in which our spirit resides. How we treat & feed our body affects every sense and feeling.   

Asana provides the opportunity to move and get a good stretch however the original intention is to observe the movement as a tool to lessen suffering and today we understand how consistent movement also prevents possible future injury and discomfort.  

Stage 1: The path of Asana begins as a beginner…your first class you may feel uncertain about the poses. This is normal with anything new – the mind & emotions are setting the potential for a new pathway.  Through consistently, Stage 2: The Asana comes with ease and you understand the control & ease of adaptation. Your intuitive wisdom begins to tap in  & your teacher becomes the soft guide. We are here awhile yet one day in class the essence of yoga is revealed through your personal experience – the body, breath, and mind yoke.  You have entered Stage 3 – you have weaved all of Self and now armed with this personal experience you are ready for a re-set to enliven the tool of Asana.  

Your Plan in Action is "on the mat"- attend an asana class (recorded or live). Place your class on the Habit Tracker as a vital part of your routine. You are now armed with the knowledge that’s it more than about the stretch; your thoughtful and honest commitment through consistency has created a new pathway. Now its time to pave and add flowers along your new path.


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