Namaste - A Practice Inward

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Namaste - A Practice Inward

Yoga philosophy and specifically the Niyamas provide a guide to reduce suffering and live each moment. The actions we choose result in transformations & every year, event or anniversary is a milestone to reflect on the lessons and how we use the lessons for continuous growth. 

Growth begins with how you serve yourself and others. The Sanskrit word that immediately comes to mind is Namaste.

We hear this word often in the yoga world; sometimes when you enter an establishment or when a yoga session finishes.  Placing the palms together is a sign of unity of self that you offer another. In saying the word, Namaste you are honoring & offering a pure appreciation of the journey you share as long or as short as it may be.  This simple gesture can stay with a person for a lifetime and it’s those moments that live through generations.   

A practice I offer is the weave of Namaste to the teachings of the Niyamas. The Niyamas are the actions we can take to become more conscious and aware, to support our journey of continuous growth.  You can refer to the September Blog, The Niyamas: How You Show Up Matters for that outline & suggestions on how you can apply the practices “off the mat”. 

Building upon your Niyama practice, overlay the meaning of Namaste with asking this question:  

“How do I honor & offer pure love through the actions of…





…Iswara Pranidhana?" 

In doing so, you enter your reflection/journal practice through the lens of appreciation, acceptance, and love strengthening your foundation to live enlivened.

 A little lagniappe

The history of Namaste, नमस्ते) is found in the Vedic texts dating back to 1500 BCE.  It is an expression of veneration, worship, and reverence offered to another.

namaḥ means bow, obeisance, or 'adoration

te means “you”

The accompanying practice includes a 30 minute gentle movement portion followed by a 30 minute Yoga Nidra. 


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