Namaste & Welcome to your 28-Mindfulness Program

How can we transform our attitudes and self-care practice routines from temporary moments to unequivocally life-changing?

The 28- Day Mindfulness Program will teach the brain’s mechanics to shift and build new pathways for overall well-being, compassion, and contentment.  

Mindfulness can support you in recognizing and coping with physical sensations, emotions, and automatic behaviors. Mindfulness is about using compassionate awareness to develop a balanced relationship with Self.

With mindful awareness, you will receive:

  • A peaceful state of mind

  • Improve cognitive function

  • Slow the response to difficult situations

  • A connection of mind and body

  • And an overall enlivened daily experience(s)   

The latent effects and the catalyst physically when adding the mindfulness routine will:

  • Boost your immunity

  • Cool Inflammation

  • Reduce Heart Stress 

  • Reduce Chronic Pain


Mindfulness takes practice, and may feel awkward or difficult at first. Returning to mindfulness is key.  Each time you return to the practice the connections become stronger and  I'm here for you every DAY! 


Program Offering

Your 28 - Day Mindfulness Program includes:

  • Unlimited access to  create your positive habitual personal routine.
  • Repeat and download Daily Reflective Journal Sheets.
  • Download the Enlivenhere App so to easily bring your practice anywhere
$99 USD one-time payment  
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The benefits from being online:

  • Once you purchase your program (either live or recorded) you have 6 months to repeat, explore & absorb all the lessons.  
  • As part of the Enlivenhere community you can communicate and leave feedback in real time within the lesson modules.
  • Download the Enlivenhere App and bring your Mindfulness Eating Program where ever you go.

Your 28 meditations in a glance...

Make a commitment to create real life changing shifts for the whole self today. 

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