How can we transform our attitudes and self-care practice routines from temporary moments to unequivocally life-changing?  In the 28-Day Mindfulness Program, Amy offers a new self-paced program that teaches the mechanics of the brain to shift and build new pathways for overall well-being, compassion, and contentment.  

The 28 Day Mindfulness Program isn’t limited to the meditation tradition but also draws from  neuroscience and psychology.

Your Reflection Questions will address some of the “hard questions” of transformation: for example, what does it mean to apply the principles of mindfulness in real-life situations?

Your 28 meditations in a glance...

Your 28 - Day Mindfulness Program includes:

  • Unlimited access so you can create your personal routine plus you can repeat any session anytime
  • Enlivenhere App so you can easily bring your practice anywhere
$99 USD one-time payment  
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